How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Just incase the living dead attack your home town. !ATTENTION PLEASE! I am aware that the information in this video is inaccurate, do you know why? Because zombies are not really real. It’s just for fun. Please relax. Also if you read below we did this for a school project so that is why there are no guns in the “Weapons” section. This was a project we did for our English class. We had to do a “How to” speech so we asked the teacher if we could do a video insted. He said it would be alright so we made this. If you liked this video be sure to check out our others! Comments are always welcome!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to How to Survive a Zombie Attack

  1. dodis9 says:

    @vladvlad24 step 2 do a list of awesome comments after you have killd a zombie

  2. 1Korn1ct says:


  3. 1Korn1ct says:

    Zombies aren’t real people. Wake up

    Zombies aren’t real

  4. pokecrazy16 says:

    @PheonixHibrid it might if you hit them really hard, but not really… :D

  5. PheonixHibrid says:

    I wouldn’t use a hammer…maybe a sledge hammer but a hammer like the one you showed wouldn’t work that well.

  6. Jaxxon10 says:

    it actually looked like you hit him in the head with the bat lol :O

  7. FuZZioNzZGaming says:

    that guys like jb, his balls hav’nt dropped yet and hes like 17…

  8. ZombieGoBoomTV says:

    NEW VIDEO: The shovel, a zombie killing classic, put to the test! Plus, a hi-dollar hoe, a power auger, blood, carnage and mayhem ZGB style…watch now!

  9. yourgamemaster110 says:


  10. michaelsdhfsj says:

    Step 1: Call russia and tell them the zombies said there country is gay.
    Step 2: Watch the magic of nuclear explosions.

  11. UltaKeith15 says:

    oddly entertaining!

  12. jesse5946 says:

    step 1: call chuck norris
    step 2: tell him zombies made fun of his mom
    step 3: make popcorn and invite some friends to watch

  13. seanshaze123 says:

    id laugh if the zombie fell off the bike

  14. Douglvl41 says:

    @vladvlad24 NOW THATS TRUE

  15. lavamouse33 says:

    @vladvlad24 Acculy step 1 is call the millitary

  16. indy71903 says:


  17. godaddy122 says:

    what was the grade that u got on the vid

  18. godaddy122 says:

    @ZILOGz80VIDEOS thats vampires

  19. MsComicgirl says:

    well…how about if u just cover urself up with blood and pretend to be one of the zombies??

  20. jordiethurst says:

    step 1:put on justin bieber music.then ur all set

  21. clownkiller369 says:

    What would happen if you hit the zombie in the balls?

  22. TheSpiderWebss says:

    LOL go Minecraft

  23. mrroflethan says:


  24. eminemznskittlez says:

    id use a gay mans face to protect myself (zombie) get the hell away from me (me) die bitch (zombie) i am dead (me) well die again (zombie) fuck off

  25. hazza4pompeyfc says:

    @Davidmasterkd and ask him to do a rape train :P syndicate needs to have a name for his subs don’t he :L

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