Here’s The Stew (New Tattoo)

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25 Responses to Here’s The Stew (New Tattoo)

  1. Inkkflicted says:

    Yay for tattoos-3 u just cant get enough of em huh

  2. awsometammy says:

    2:34 awwww ur adorableeee

  3. beardedlantern says:

    You are one of my new favorite youtubers! i love your tattoos and i wish i had darker eyes so i could pull off contacts like yours, the look so pretty!!

  4. LeeAnne1990 says:

    I LOVE that tattoo

  5. EmoAddress666 says:

    What types of music are you interested in?

  6. mzcharmingz says:

    You are so edgy and yet so cute/dolly at the same time, love it!!

  7. MegaSweetheart5 says:

    ur my friend in my head lol u r A-W-E-S-O-M-E ♥

  8. fantasyfrenzies says:

    What piercings do you have?

  9. HelloHannahCho says:

    @Fruityfruityify Thanks & thanks!

  10. HelloHannahCho says:

    @Rannikku Thank you friend :)

  11. HelloHannahCho says:

    @Iinoratheexplorer You know it :D

  12. HelloHannahCho says:

    @hollaatyogurlbay Lol good! I’m glad it made someone laugh :)

  13. HelloHannahCho says:

    @CarpeLeDiem I would say go for it!! But that’s just me. To tell you the truth I didn’t really notice a difference in my tats after my weight loss. But that probably has something to do with where they’re located. I feel like my arms didn’t change much in size.

  14. HelloHannahCho says:

    @LovinJae12 Well thank ya!

  15. HelloHannahCho says:

    @Itchtaca Thank you very much! Your comment made me happy!

  16. HelloHannahCho says:

    @Mimelo13 Lol that is awesome! Thanks!

  17. HelloHannahCho says:

    @Fauzy26595 You are very sweet! Thank you :)

  18. fleshylocust says:

    <3 tokidoki. im a sucker for his toys, i have almost all the cactus friend collection and i just ordered 2 unicorno blind boxes :D

  19. angelovelolly says:

    The cat on your bed looks lazy, haha ! You are so cute!!
    and you eyes looks like anime eyes

  20. JadoreCupcakes says:

    I meant 2:32

  21. JadoreCupcakes says:

    2:31 – Hahaha, you’re sooo cute!
    I love your videos, they always makes me giggle. <3

  22. JanGuting says:

    OMG. Super luv ur tatoo. I want one just like urs, don’t have the balls to get it tho. Anyways, thanks for sharing like always n will b ur subbie 43v3r!

  23. Prettygini says:


  24. TishaBBY says:

    aww soo jealous of your tokidoki tatt, it came out soo nice :) i’m totally tokidoki obsessed lol

  25. yourloveli says:

    ive always wanted a tattoo, but im afraid that if i ever lose weight, or gain weight, the tattoos will kind of distort
    have you had that problem?
    please dont feel obligated to answer, i dont mean it in a intruding way :)
    thank you for the vids, i love them hehe

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