Halloween Party 2009

A few Real Life friends at a Real Life Halloween party, 2009! I was in Emo make-up, spiked hair, blackened and reddened sore eyes (from crying), black fingernails, tatoo arm sleeves, all black clothing. I was out of character a lot, laughing and cavorting like any other party-goer. Then there was Salvadore Dali, the Luscious Lucky Lepprecahn, the Problem Child, H1N1 (his and hers) Swine Flu (from Mexico), Bloody Mary Catering Service, Wicked Witch of the North (or was that Sweet and Nice Witch of the South?), Gandolf (from LOTR), Vampire Rob Zombie Fan, a Bobby Soxer, James Joyce, Brad Paisley, a monk, a flapper among other dignitaries! Great food and beverages, good company, a fun and entertaining time! Big thanks to the host and hostess! Made it home safe, even in the pouring rain! Pays to not stay too late, if you’re driving! But then it really wasn’t one of those kinds of parties! I suppose those days are behind me now! I sound so ancient (or at least feel that way sometimes, LOL)! But a good time and a safe night out! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Be well. Peace, \A/
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9 Responses to Halloween Party 2009

  1. Awwa1 says:

    @abryn51 old ppl party? LOL! Okay, but we party like it’s 1999! We remember 1999! and 1989, and 1979, and… Well we remember the parts we haven’t forgotten, heh!



  2. abryn51 says:

    is this old ppl party !!1

  3. Maikl71 says:


  4. Awwa1 says:

    Thanks Maikl71! Ironically I wore black fingernail polish as part of the costume, but hadn’t bought the nail polish remover, thinking that I might not use the black nail polish. So it was only today did I go and get the nail polish remover. It really doesn’t wear-off naturally as fast as one might expect, LOL! Alas, us guys got to try it the hard way first, to save a buck! Thanks for the comment! Be well.



  5. Maikl71 says:

    You look pretty sharp in that outfit…

  6. Awwa1 says:

    “Dinged arty types” LOL! Yea there were more than my video shows, but I was really trying to keep a low profile. A camera can be so disrupting!

    Interesting, your job carrying “around parts of deceased people.” Organ and tissue donations bring so much to so many! What a wonderful thing to do (with all the appropriate consent forms of course), muwahahaha! Be well.



  7. Awwa1 says:

    Thanks Kean! Be well.



  8. farnk says:

    Looked like a lot of fun. Dinged arty types..you always have the best costumes! You could’ve passed for Robert Smith of The Cure’s brother. I slept through most of the fun and missed any Trick or Treaters, but did carry around parts of deceased people in my car the last couple of nights. Not whatcha might think..organ and tissue donations.

  9. keanghiero says:

    All the best

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