Greatest freakout ever 15 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

Stephen gets a Tattoo.

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25 Responses to Greatest freakout ever 15 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

  1. meatwaggon221 says:

    if he says go im good and the dude says ok three seconds later OOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! that frekinkin HURTS stop and e contiued to do it

  2. Kristopher Josh Liam Micheal says:

    18 already it seemed just like it was yesterday when he shoved the remote controller up his ass

  3. JDtheman2004 says:

    look at that douche justin beeber hair….

  4. xKusNicki says:

    He’s a fucking pussy, I’m a girl and I’ve got more balls than him..

  5. Rugaetamir says:


  6. MrGeesikser says:

    What a pussy hahahha. I did tattoo on the same place. It took 3 hours to finish, it was just boring haha

  7. depressor101 says:

    or the tatto needle

  8. Stinkyfishflaps says:

    so what you fuck! Wanna medal You cunt

  9. modernwarfare2mas7er says:

    I got a tattoo on it. Sorry.

  10. modernwarfare2mas7er says:

    Thats nothing…I got a tattoo a sunburned chest and stomach. The sunburn made it like blood red. I even had the tattoo on sun blisters.

  11. khayln13 says:


  12. Bellerina2288 says:

    @NickJohns SAME!! But I would hate
    To be a tattoo artist sitting in a room sticking needles arms while they scream :( :)

  13. JickNohns says:

    If I was that Tattoo artist i’d fuckin Punch him in the face for wasting my damn time.

  14. the1andonly383 says:

    @TheNewmega i agree i got one on my 16th birthday and i got it on my forearm didnt hurt one bit this guy makes it look bad makes us look bad

  15. TheNewmega says:

    stuipid piece of shit couldnt even take a tattoo pussy

  16. pHARDable says:

    only in america ;) fuckin pussy hahah

  17. Loxon2000 says:

    omfg wut a pussy

  18. sergey98352 says:

    thats bad for your skin

  19. havocgamer27 says:

    What a pussy I have 3 tattoos one took 10 hours

  20. PokemonFreak225 says:

    maybe not where your from alot of people can cause its funny the guy was laughing

  21. looneytkd says:


  22. Zacharyt54 says:


  23. wowthisisfunnylol says:

    i really blame his parents

  24. BAZINGA93 says:

    That’s dirty!! You’re Dirty!!

  25. strlegend1 says:

    This is fake, in their videos made after this one, he has no tattoo.

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