full zombie/Bio-Mech arm sleeve

this is my sleeve on my left arm its not completed yet i was going for like a zombie look but its bone and muscles with a kinda bio-mechanical twist… UPDATE!!! 9/17/2011 Still not finished with it yet but i recently got my neck done haha add me on facebook for more pics etc.. www.facebook.com BTW i love all the bad comments lmao why do you all care about where i’m gonna work? you just do you and i’ll do me! haha people are too funny

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25 Responses to full zombie/Bio-Mech arm sleeve

  1. urmum42ify says:

    Gimme dah bong jimmy

  2. 29brianjames says:


  3. rachelmorton13 says:

    LOVE! I want that now!

  4. fluctua says:


  5. Herasima1 says:

    пацан так лошок какой-то,который решил выделиться при помощи тату!

  6. jonasclaudius says:

    whats the song called ?

  7. iLillySR says:

    wow that’s so sexy !!

  8. blake102989 says:

    the hand is hard as hell

  9. 01CraZYkId21 says:

    that is full on SICK

  10. daviddzialo says:

    the hand is sick as fuck!

  11. iLoveDANCINGi says:

    o.O Ya I hate tattoo’s and Rock Metal but I only like Rico Zombies tattoos hes so HOT!!!

  12. s1ly0 says:

    Looking at your sleeve makes me feel like mine is complete shit :/

  13. dentpopcan says:

    hey on the plus side yu can always get a job as a freak show haha..
    sorry.. but yeah man cool tattoo!

  14. 420thagame420 says:

    you guys should already know that song its on like every rock station lol, but if you ever want to know the name of the song with a video look at the bottom right of the video and it usually says the artist and song name.

  15. 420thagame420 says:

    nice tatto bro looks sweet! and this song is drowning pool-pity me.

  16. felon124 says:

    Awesome tattoo bro. Haters are just just scared to get a tattoo and think its hard to get a decent job with them, so they hate on people with tattoos ^__^

  17. fayerz1 says:

    Looks Good!

  18. munsterfromholland says:


  19. SMScopers says:

    so ugly

  20. AnimalMother63 says:

    haters much??

  21. hfmmat001 says:


  22. hfmmat001 says:


  23. WarriorInternationa1 says:

    yeah but why…

  24. dragovic90srb says:

    @NeverGOEasy what’s the name of the song?

  25. crossycrossfield says:

    whant to know what i think do ya its a fucking mess n u look like a complet twat with it

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