Enrique Tatoo

A closeup of a girl with her Enrique Iglesias tatoo. Get Enriques new Spanish single Cuando Me Enamoro on iTunes: bit.ly

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10 Responses to Enrique Tatoo

  1. mikeyofficialpage says:

    Ring My Bells.

  2. everlastingloria94 says:

    he’s our hero

  3. 75jey says:

    asshole !

  4. mamaz1125 says:

    hahaha I am a big mama BUT it is I who met him!! lol MUCH LOVE

  5. Fontenont says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I like him, pero hacerse un tatuaje del? Diablo. jaja

  6. Chlo24x says:

    ring my bells

  7. F10n33 says:

    What song was playing in the background? I love it!

  8. Francesc010 says:

    I mean i like his music but too much…
    too much….

  9. LoveEnriqueforever says:

    Beurk thet so …. horrible a big mama

  10. gudnyh says:

    omg that is so cute<3 she has a tattoo with his name on..aww

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