Electro Mayhem Tour highlights

deadmau5 joins Tommy Lee and DJ Aero on the Canadian leg of the Electro Mayhem tour… hilarity ensues.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Electro Mayhem Tour highlights

  1. magickinglol says:

    They should have let deadmau5 play deadmau5’s songs lol instead of making him sit there and film them lmao

  2. Huebination says:

    DJ Awesome :D

  3. cowboys212211 says:

    k what the fuck!!
    how did electro mayhem come to the market and i didnt hear about it
    lol thats how we roll in ottawa eh

  4. Specialized1989 says:

    i see a CDJ-1000 or 2000, i want it now!

  5. thekicker832 says:

    “BUMP HIM” hahahaha

  6. SkaterSerbia says:


  7. cavazin25 says:

    deadmau5 had long hair?

  8. Tobu02 says:

    deadmau5 is just never bored. =D

  9. MikeMayzMiami says:


  10. danieldjr412 says:

    Tommy’s clapping for that one guy in the crowd! Haha!

  11. daturamodena123 says:

    thats crazy……..

    at 3:10 dj aero says “deadmau5 an up and coming producer”

    now look where deadmau5 is????

    at the top of the world

  12. eunan1233 says:

    reward is cheese

  13. axidikk says:

    they’re making him turn on the sirens cause the bus is so close to them

  14. MixMaster21 says:

    The Reward is Cheese – Deadmau5

  15. xXElectroVipXx says:

    Whats the song @ 1:20 ?? :D

  16. MixMaster21 says:

    Theres a crowd though… might just be… having a bit of fun, and ended up with the place being packed…
    Still awesome :)

  17. linkster9 says:

    get in line ;)

    check out my tunes tho


  18. RichieEastside says:

    It looked like daylight by the door so they were probably soundchecking or something

  19. daryld161 says:

    i am becoming a dj……

  20. couger666 says:

    what was the thing with the cop?

  21. soulc4ster says:

    amazing guys

  22. RabelSupraMkIV says:

    PIĘKNE !!!
    5***** :)))

  23. crowarlord69 says:

    cute vid

  24. kpomo says:

    anyone want to chat? hit up my page

  25. kaspinio says:

    Kung fu panda hellyeahh biatch! xD

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