Edinburgh Tatoo 2010 – Finale Scotland the Brave & Black Bear

The finale of the Edinburgh Tatoo 2010. The bands play Scotland the Brave and Black Bear as they march out.
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8 Responses to Edinburgh Tatoo 2010 – Finale Scotland the Brave & Black Bear

  1. andydale78 says:

    @UltraPrimus You do know that the finale, i.e Scotland the brave and black bear happens every year?

  2. UltraPrimus says:

    @andydale78 Weird, I Know it was the 2011 Tattoo cause I Was there

  3. andydale78 says:

    @UltraPrimus How can it be the 2011 Tattoo if it was uploaded in 2010??? Idiot.

  4. UltraPrimus says:

    Wrong year, it was 2011

  5. kev151011 says:

    Once upon a time one Guards band was enough, now due to defence cuts to size of bands they need two. A bit like shooting yourself in the foot!

  6. deveraben says:

    I love the sound of bagpipes.

  7. alpacino50kg says:

    sends shivers down my spine

  8. ThorsBlacksmith says:

    Great video!!!!
    I hope to go some day.

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