COD: World at War – “Zombie Mode” Trailer (Game Trailer HD)

A new trailer for Call of Duty: World at War showcasing the “zombie mode.”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to COD: World at War – “Zombie Mode” Trailer (Game Trailer HD)

  1. HumansOpposingJews says:

    I would have bought the latest Call Of Duty if they had made Jew zombies instead.
    .3 things you should know about Jews.
    .1 They are racially supremacist proclaim themselves the ‘chosen people’.
    .2 Their religious scripture the Talmud condones Pedophilia & Murder of non-Jews.
    3. Jews suck baby dicks.
    .does 3 sound so unbelievable it couldn’t possibley be true? Google Metztizah B’peh ( warning not for the faint of heart! )
    .Added note. It’s these Jews who control our government.

  2. jvill97 says:

    when is this coming out?

  3. TheJp2404 says:

    lets push those basterds back ! :D

  4. icen2u1 says:

    At 1:32 if I look closely there was a nuke

  5. baikoleda1 says:

    @osome05 just Google it or in youtube PS2 nazi zombies gameplay COD waw or something

  6. chrisandalexshow1 says:

    @osome05 it doesnt

  7. Kuginefully says:

    good memories with my friends

  8. osome05 says:

    PLEASE! Does anybody know if the PS2 Version has Zombie Mode!

  9. imtheshityournot says:

    new zombies suck, original zombie (4 maps) were the best. to complicated.

  10. Redemptioned1 says:

    1:14 Double Points xD

  11. MrRobbiexEpidemic says:

    What i don’t get is why people mistake ALL German soldiers for being nazis. Half of the zombies i saw were wearing Wehrmacht uniforms, not Waffen SS.

  12. EdwardPrincess1901 says:

    @ForestSpyer257 ;)

  13. ForestSpyer257 says:

    @EdwardPrincess1901 Because Im saying that the Marines in the video are kicking zombie ass!

  14. wildpig99 says:

    @ant609091 no it means night of the undead

  15. EdwardPrincess1901 says:

    @ForestSpyer257 ? why did u comment?

  16. PCWIZTechnology says:

    lets push the bastards back NO AMMO SHHIT

  17. thebest0ne4 says:

    and so it begins

  18. themexicanguy52 says:

    @AngelicDemon127 they r big :P

  19. PaBlogSky says:

    Like a black ops?

  20. ForestSpyer257 says:

    @EdwardPrincess1901 Marines>Zombes

  21. ecomaster331 says:

    bact to back

  22. ecomaster331 says:

    @AngelicDemon127 i break trains :O

  23. MrRandomman7009 says:

    join my privite match waveone

  24. EdwardPrincess1901 says:

    my fav part wasss.. ” LETS PUSH THE BASTARDS BACK! BOBOMOMOMOOOMOM” -zombie jizzes-

  25. Titoiscool123 says:


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