Cell Phone Tattoos!

Add the NEW Sourcefed Facebook page: on.fb.me Nokia is looking into haptic tattoos that alert you when someone calls you. Read more: bit.ly Click the annotation or go to SourceFed.com for the 5 videos we post daily or anything we’ve ever made. Watch more of today’s news youtube.com Here’s our Sources: bit.ly Philly D OFFICIAL APP: bit.ly Hosts: @elliottcmorgan @leenewton Music: @ronaldjenkees
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24 Responses to Cell Phone Tattoos!

  1. karlkablisk says:

    omg that was funny lol

  2. jamesvbconnolly says:

    whats up with the Nokia hate (which like so many other names just sounds sooooo wrong when said by an american lol)?? I love them, they’r normally the only phones that can be dropped down the stairs and still work, which for me is the most important function.

  3. mordsithdee says:

    I can just imagine one on the clit. OH OH OH, my boyfriend is calling me. AH AH AHHHHHHHH…

  4. 40000iraq says:

    But some religions harm tattoos. Didn’t Nokia realize that? I just lost my respect to Nokia.

  5. MrNegative370 says:

    I dropped my Nokia and the floor shaddered

  6. neonfiona says:

    Am I the only one who thinks they pronounce Nokia wrong? Or is everyone here American and you just say it like that over there?!

  7. Nullpersona says:

    2:22 I would turn off my spam blocker

  8. METALZero2 says:

    I have NOKIA and it works just fine

  9. ListeNROck11 says:

    No-kia .. lol

  10. Takkiebos says:

    And trees are large organisms that use photosynthesis to produce energy.

  11. DevilMayPost says:

    2:20 lee did you get a vibrating tattoo on your clit?

  12. BigMarv50 says:


  13. grungeface87 says:

    I can safely say I shan’t be getting one of these.

  14. jag519 says:

    my first thought was “Sounds anti-christ-y” and then you started talking about it. I love when other people make the same jokes I would. haha

  15. gost34d says:

    M.R.I. is a form of ex- rays that use magnetic resistance to look at muscles and other body parts. Now the tattoo is magnetic and the MRI uses large magnets. I think I’m not going to get that tattoo ever but that’s just me

  16. lpkzc says:


  17. neivsb29 says:

    Well said guys!!!!

  18. q19q19q19q19 says:

    10 bucks says this thing will give you cancer

  19. BeastlyHaxorz says:

    What if they could put medicines in the tattoos? like if diseases are found, it releases antibiotics? or maybe it’s a completely different consept…

  20. YouAssassinTube says:

    What if a girl got one on her clit…

  21. ASavage2099 says:

    i was way to late to make a penis joke. oh well here goes any way. my new tattoo hurt so bad at first but now it hurts so good. hehe

  22. Kumogi26 says:

    …..just to be completely honest orgasms yeah that’s what my tattoo would do

  23. RRXVII says:

    Am I really the only one that thought about getting this vibrating skin thing on my penis?

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