Carnivàle Lune Bleue Sideshow – The Tattooed Man

Meet Rico, the Tattooed Man only in Alive on the Inside.

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25 Responses to Carnivàle Lune Bleue Sideshow – The Tattooed Man

  1. lpfightclub23 says:

    hes alot more handsome with make up

  2. johannatheone says:

    He says he dont like copycats, just be yourself! Dont get tattoos like him, find Your own Style of tattoos!

  3. ThePinkHeel says:

    I’m usually not so much into tattoos, but there is something really sexy about him… I did think he was french though, but he has an accent.

    Un certain je n’sais quoi.

  4. HauntingHalloween says:

    @e24ify Basically he wants attention

  5. e24ify says:

    @HauntingHalloween there’s an interview on youtube about him where he explains why he did it. basically he represents non-conformity, and how beauty is only skin deep.

  6. niquilita says:


  7. 90nikefootball says:

    i think he needs somemore tattoos

  8. notfuckingavailable says:

    for those who don’t understand, he says : ” we need to sharpen the nails for our fabulous nail bed. If you don’t know this, of course it hurts, but I’m in love with pain. Yup. It’s life. That’s how you know your still alive”

  9. ctkxxx says:

    i wish i can understand what he said :(

  10. TINBITZPHAM says:

    @niquilita well is he from montreal…..

  11. behemotkiller says:


  12. lalalalalalalalalajt says:

    fuck me!

  13. HauntingHalloween says:

    @TurdyMcSmutbags Very original idea

  14. TurdyMcSmutbags says:

    @HauntingHalloween I’m not ugly or hate myself but I’m planning on doing the same style of tattoo on my face

  15. HauntingHalloween says:

    @KafkaCartoon not really. looks average.

  16. KafkaCartoon says:

    @HauntingHalloween come on, although his face is tattooed you can still see he’s pretty handsome

  17. HauntingHalloween says:

    Without his tattoos he’d just be a normal guy people would walk past.
    I wonder what made him do it. Did he think he was ugly/hate himself? Did he just want attention?

  18. MsLmayer says:

    Very beautiful eyes

  19. niquilita says:


  20. SzczeraSzczekaczka says:


    No,I’m from Poland.

  21. zack199544 says:


  22. Skitzobilly says:

    @anthonygreek15 He’s not.

  23. laseulefemmedargent says:

    @SzczeraSzczekaczka Yes, I’m French :) Do you?

  24. laseulefemmedargent says:

    @SzczeraSzczekaczka Merci ! Il est vraiment mignon :) On sent un peu qu’il est mal a l’aise de passer a la tele et d’avoir a repondre en francais en plus, non ?

  25. SzczeraSzczekaczka says:

    Ohh…Before you have to add -w w w – or -h t t p- (you know,YT rules) :))
    Do you speak French?

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