Call Of Duty Zombies: Custom Map: *Courtyard* – w/ Syndicate & Guests (Part 1)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Call Of Duty Zombies: Custom Map: *Courtyard* – w/ Syndicate & Guests (Part 1)

  1. Jake Ryan says:

    jordans character has a pedo-stache
    p.s. dead sand elite

  2. theoldcoldwaffle says:


  3. mylesjenkns says:

    do more on rage v2

  4. TaskForcePentacle says:


  5. THEJAMJARsarmy says:


  6. TheSellot says:


  7. WarXguitarist says:

    the song is Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

  8. passatag says:

    BOOBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. spikeman113 says:

    y didnt you and jorden stay up stairs where no zombies can break through except from the stairs

  10. TheMC Man says:


  11. SuperEdcob says:



  12. BoscoStickNick says:

    ha thats immagrant song by led zepplin

  13. zombiebutts says:

    As a terrorist i find this video quite offensive…

  14. jshhs2222 says:

    Nipples and boobs

  15. KSAABOOD123 says:


  16. TheChaoticCrew says:

    You should do Boobalicious as the search

  17. poisonblood360 says:


  18. dawidbrzoz says:

    my ps3 name is maksunio25

  19. dawidbrzoz says:

    do you deserve getting boobs to squeez

  20. 5551kdude says:

    no its led led zepplin

  21. Klause5425 says:

    like if you’ve ever eaten stripper shit…

  22. ryanwastesyourtime says:

    thumbs up if your tired of cabin in the woods ads

  23. n00bP0lice says:


  24. n00bP0lice says:


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