Call Of Duty Zombies: Custom Map: Afterwar – Live Commentary w/ Syndicate (Attempt 2)

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25 Responses to Call Of Duty Zombies: Custom Map: Afterwar – Live Commentary w/ Syndicate (Attempt 2)

  1. gary1turner says:

    how do i get the download for this game on pc, of course?????

  2. slyreddevils says:

    Guys if you want to see whats in that brick room watch this

  3. TheBigfluffybeast says:

    how do u download custom maps

  4. ballsucker275 says:

    Syndicate add me on xbox my name is masonp22

  5. whitedmkm says:

    I agree with you my brother! EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC is really where it’s at!

  6. Kr8zyK8den says:

    When he said over 9000 that was in dragon ball z

  7. langecj says:

    I really went to EDITMYPLAYERCARD.CO.CC and it is a good place to find playercard logos!

  8. warksman311 says:

    @Valkyrie0fDeath no, you can make/play on custom maps only on world at war on PC

  9. Valkyrie0fDeath says:

    Wait, can u get this on Xbox?

  10. allster999 says:

    @31drillbit You can get it on Steam.

  11. DE4DLYF0RCEZ says:

    I Don’t care about Onlive

  12. CrazyWhyteBoy420 says:


  13. TheRoyinator says:

    Sydicate has inspired us to start making a custom zombies map series. If you like watching/playing zombies, you should defiantley come and check us out. We upload regularly and will rate the maps we play out of 10.
    Check us out :) /watch?v=b1Lzdn-wdw8

  14. MegaKaratekid1234 says:


  15. 31drillbit says:

    were do i get waw for pc

  16. PosineosOfSparta says:

    O: at 5:00 the ray gun ammo is 115

  17. james00extreme says:

    you are beast play zpmbies with me ps3 LORD BECKETT

  18. MegaXboxboy360 says:

    How do you get custom maps

  19. gg25909 says:

    zombies can climb ladders

  20. gg25909 says:

    zombies can swim

  21. MrMcFealy541 says:

    @nickelasspa Thats sad.

  22. ZombeeZlayer says:

    your wasting to much ammo dude use the weak guns off the floor so the good guns you can save for later ray gun not really necessary round 5

  23. IAmANinja100 says:

    Ok so how safe do you feel now??? I thoroughly enjoy your video’s by the way.

  24. sturgesser1 says:

    I love this map

  25. ichigohollowxrukia says:


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