Black Ops Zombies: Ascension: Hand Me The Perks Monkeys! – Part 1

All i ever ask of you guys, is to Like & Favourite the video If your a fan :). Become a follower! What i do in this series is try to get hold of all 5 perks at once, without opening the areas to buy Slight Of Hand, Jugger-Nog & Stamin Up. This means i cant Pack A Punch any weapons! And in case your wondering, i play on PC with an xbox controller :). Its allot easier to record, and the quality is boobalishous!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Black Ops Zombies: Ascension: Hand Me The Perks Monkeys! – Part 1

  1. CloudArc321 says:

    how do you like your frags? cooked!! hahahaha XD

  2. shutupIhavemoney says:

    it’s wierd,they are faster on their hands then they are on foot…

  3. iPodCREATIONZ says:

    @DrexCore u started this shit homie u get a life damn

  4. TheRandomGamerForPs3 says:

    Our phone makes the same noize wen it rings XD !!

  5. ManBoobie123 says:

    Lol, it looks like your playing this on the Xbox but on the top right why did it say your friend was playing garrys mod as if it was a steam pop up o_o

  6. frakhalbage says:


  7. entirine says:

  8. DrexCore says:

    @iPodCREATIONZ (1) Idc (2) Idc (3) Get a life

  9. drumstick883 says:

    you should play more nazi zombies.

  10. teouchanwyse says:

  11. iPodCREATIONZ says:

    @DrexCore 1.ill say what the fuck i want to who the fuck are you?2. i said wouldnt it be cool, not ti see whos best for fun 3. i dont believe in that stupid shit

  12. DrexCore says:

    @CubeMyVideoGames You have a point

  13. MrRedDot23 says:

    @MrRedDot23 oh ok

  14. SuperLarby007 says:


    My amazing quickscope montage on black ops

  15. ForSaleify says:

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  16. 115UndeadAnarchy115 says:

    @smoshwatcher1 richtofen is my favourite too :D he so much funnier than the others :D although i think dempseys character is awesome as he breaks the fourth wall :D

  17. smoshwatcher1 says:

    @115UndeadAnarchy115 we all know that, but in shangri la when u use pack a punch as richtofen hes like”Dempsey hasnt acted the same ever since we did it.” forget what he says about nikolai.but im not gay, and richtofen is still my fav character

  18. admovevir says:


  19. teouchanwyse says:

  20. Jasonbean5 says:

    Zombie:(make zombie noise)
    (Nikolai kills the Zombie)
    Nikolai: If only if have Time to Piss on you too :(

    ^^ lol best line

  21. jenniechick4life says:

    niceeee ;)

  22. CubeMyVideoGames says:

    @DrexCore 1.) All special education kids aren’t retarded. There is a difference. 2.) I agree. 3.) Not everyone believes in god so they don’t all treat god with the respect they may think that he/she deserves.

  23. Zerses111 says:

    lol OnlyUseMeHands!

  24. xCRUCIAL420x says:

    for 99 ascension co-op check out –>­/7Lb2LWZi9iY

  25. DrexCore says:

    @iPodCREATIONZ (1) Don’t call people retarded, I know some Special Education kids that would curb stomp your face in. (2) They won’t do TDM because it won’t show skill ‘Team of Best Players vs. Team of not the Best Players’ wouldn’t work. (3) Don’t say gods name in vain you overzealous fool

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