Beginning Tattooing Tips : How to Insert Needles Into Traditional Tattoo Machine

Learn how to insert needles into a traditional tattoo machine with expert tips from a tattoo artist in this free skin art video clip. Expert: Jesse Bradley Bio: Jesse Bradley has studied many different art forms since 1994. In 2005 he opened his private tattoo studio on Riverside in Valley Village, CA. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Beginning Tattooing Tips : How to Insert Needles Into Traditional Tattoo Machine

  1. boxofweedmw2haxed says:

    since ur a beginner dont get a rottary way to damn expensive

  2. shaunosullivan111 says:

    lol “protruding out about 1/16th of an inch”
    Because thats so easily notable by the human eye.

    But awesome vid. Very interesting

  3. Tw1L1ghtF4LL says:

    what is better? a rotory machine or a coil machine? or does it depend on prefrence? about to get my first machine. beginner here

  4. PelouseQcc says:

    I hope he don’t shake like that when he’s tattooing !! :O

  5. soulchain247 says:

    i hope no tattoo artist is taking tips off the internet….

  6. MASTERSNIPE2011 says:

    great viedo keep up the good work dude of to get my first tattoo gun tomoz

  7. klildboiz510 says:


  8. klildboiz510 says:

    thank fot the tutor i just bought myself a tattoo machines

  9. XOGoldFingerOX says:

    I hope he will ever tattoo on a Convention

  10. anonymoususer124 says:


  11. 456789911 says:

    Do u have to change the needle all the time?

  12. CarlosMFuentesJr says:

    That ‘bar’? Yes, that’s the armature bar.
    Secondly, this isn’t an EXACT placement for a needle, that’s ridiculous. There are better ways to test needle depth than placing the needle 1/16 of an inch from the tip of your tube. That tells you NOTHING about how far your throw is depending on the stroke of the machine.
    Third, this fool needs to wear gloves when assembling a tattoo machine before he gives someone hepatitis…that should be step ONE in a tutorial.

  13. fresh1079913 says:

    Big help!

  14. paulsmallwall says:

    you can use an autoclave..but im sure you already figured that out by now

  15. FreiesEuropa1683 says:

    thank you for your tips ;-) Gonna tattoo myself in some days, so i love these tips! Very nice from you! Have success with your work! Greetings from Germany!

  16. XOGoldFingerOX says:

    many mistakes .. man just take the tube and a needle and let them fall into the tube….

  17. northyboy88 says:

    you’de be shaking if you were doing a video for 393k people

  18. MrSatanochio says:

    Maybe because he`s being filmed and knows he`s going to be watched by a lot of people. Who knows ? :P

  19. raider2661 says:

    shouldn’t he be wearing gloves?

  20. dutchripu says:

    he make so much mistakes lol

  21. hipermaniaco says:


  22. accounter100 says:

    I want to get the symbol “soul” in chinese on my 4 arm. Could you tell me or explain what needles I would have to use for the liner and shaded? Thanx. Been working hard to understand the needles and setting of the gun etc. This would help.?

  23. HouseFreak65 says:

    the camera is shaking

  24. bizarreink says:

    thanx for the tip i just started tattooin so i can use all the info i can get lol :)

  25. ArchShop says:

    is the shaking a result of years of tatoo machine vibration or a red flag saying this is not the guy you want to do your tatoo…

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