art of tattoos

art of tatoos and the beauty of the art HERE IS A LINK WITH NEW TRIBAL MODELS POSTED EVERY WEEK: ENJOY

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25 Responses to art of tattoos

  1. dumbvideos101 says:

    I like the spider man one

  2. MrZigZag1980 says:

    who is it at 2:08

  3. Rickster126 says:

    3;21 woahhh

  4. MrLarson1992 says:

    1. Kat von D is the best.
    2. only the spider-man tatoo is fascinating

  5. alinpatru says:

    @ladybluluv tnx god thats ur personal opinion and not a law or something, how does a tattoo offends u?

  6. ladybluluv says:

    tattoos are major ugly. i don’t get the fascination or attraction. the human race is full of nut jobs…sad to say.

  7. thebellobellak says:


  8. Zeke8762 says:

    @alinpatru Haha. Read The Bible again if you are religious. It forbids so many things people do on a daily basis. And yes, tattoos, or body art is one of them.

  9. ArchAngel4275 says:

    the music killed the cool art damn ghetto music fuck it lol

  10. furmdo says:

    That spider Mantat is the truth!

  11. xAstoniish says:

    1:38 <<<<<3

  12. maryanneproductions says:

    This is awesome! My dad is a tatoo artist. He owns his own tatoo place in green bay he has done tatoo’s for some packer players:) he is gifted

  13. VideoGamerGirl97 says:

    1:58 :3 the cake is a lie.

  14. kinggt202 says:

    The spiderman tat is awesome

  15. 7222Brit says:

    1:57 lol i love that game

  16. liveitup545 says:

    the person at 0:37 is retarded

  17. KURAIxOYAKE says:

    Kn any tell me the name of the song tht song souds cool.

  18. alinpatru says:

    @hawkwing171 she;s Kat von D

  19. hawkwing171 says:

    who is she 0:53

  20. alinpatru says:

    i have no idea in islam , but in christianity i never heard of such a thing, and i dont think a religious law can deny u the right to own ur body and the right to use it as u wish

  21. persia0404 says:

    is tatoo alowed in islam or christianity ?i would lik to know

  22. brunomesticinho says:


  23. mzztweetzsugah19 says:

    the one at 1:39 is socrazy i love it

  24. sookiesookie5dalla says:

    @hhhkkkish A 2 inch peice of poo?

  25. MjrclanMw2 says:

    The spiderman one is fake.. if you look on google images there is A batman and superman one the same >.<

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