Appetite For Distraction – Zombie Bunnies, Seal Force, Boy Loves Girl

This week, we take a look at top iPhone and iPad mobile games Seal Force, Boy Loves Girl, and Zombie Bunnies. Watch more Start/Select – Watch more Appetite for Distraction – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –
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16 Responses to Appetite For Distraction – Zombie Bunnies, Seal Force, Boy Loves Girl

  1. Kronicilln3ss says:

    Haha cost $1 for iOS droids more expensive to produce for. So cost more

  2. d4rkokami says:

    @sniperwolf1412 وانت في كل مكان ههههه

  3. Denix67 says:

    0:28 - What is that deer doing?

  4. mozthe3rd says:

    mcjobo haha

  5. TheBiosanity says:

    @miljkovicm It’s okay, they still get the view.

  6. Gemeni3insane says:

    ها سبقتومني يالامريكان هع
    in translation- Here Sbaktomena Yalamrikan offline

  7. miljkovicm says:

    I never watch a video if there is an advertisement before it. So, bye bye.

  8. farhanmahim says:


  9. pk511 says:

    yawn for all three games…

  10. itssuaves says:


  11. KiCKiNGSoUL says:


  12. The9dj says:


  13. aceraspireoneisthebe says:


  14. DanielStevenPople says:


  15. sniperwolf1412 says:

    ها سبقتومني يالامريكان هع

  16. FatHeadedKoala1 says:


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