All or Nothing Tattoo: Vince Villalvazo at the Detroit Tattoo Convention As a young boy I had always taken interest in the arts; two arts in particular, the art of Lion taming and the art of tattooing. In 2005 I was determined to pursue my dreams, and since Michigan was having a shortage of sparkly costumes and untamed Lions; I decided to look into tattooing. When I was a teenager I always had a fascination with tattoos, getting my first one when I was only 15-years-old (which is not something I recommend.) The fascination did not stop there. I began collecting tattoo magazines at a young age, and was intrigued by the various displays of artwork, this added to my heightened interest in the tattoo world. Ten years after getting my first tattoo I decided to get my first professional one, from Chico in Allen Park, Michigan. This experience re-ignited my interest in tattoos, and Chico inspired me to take a chance at a new career. I spent many years as an interior commercial painter, and occasionally got the chance to do some really cool mural work; which made the job much more fun. After awhile all I could think about while I was painting, was tattooing. The thoughts of tattooing started to take over, and I was finally given the opportunity in 2005 to apprentice under Mark and John Madigan at Fat Brothers Tattoos in Highland, Michigan. The next thing I knew my days of painting walls were far behind and I was on my way to becoming America’s Next Top
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