aiden – wiL’s tattoos

..taking pictures of wiL’s tattoos
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24 Responses to aiden – wiL’s tattoos

  1. roberaith says:

    Wil Francis is awesome.

  2. MansonLove1988 says:

    He is such a sweetheart. <3

  3. AidenGirl96 says:

    he has had so many different hair styles but this one is probably my favorite one that he has had!!!

  4. mmmmaaaarrrriiiiaaaa says:

    He Is Hot

  5. villesangel69 says:

    I love wiL!

  6. wonderwomancantusee says:

    i don’t think he looks like a tool… ive seen loads of interviews with him and he only looks annoyed in one… that chick at warped tour 09 i believe… so horrible. no mic you can hear tons of people in the background you can tell she was uncomfortable.

    She commented on him sounding like william control on the knives cd and he was like yeah i’m the same person I try to sing different but you know i’m one person. I was dyiing laughing like you dumb bitch. What he is supposed to b Buddy Holly.

  7. Skiro91 says:


  8. FromJerseyWithLuv92 says:

    Sitting down with wiL and looking at all of his tattoos would be a perfect day. I <3 his crooked smile too. :)

  9. ariellecrazy123 says:

    Haha! He’s soo cute! :)

  10. BLAHhappy7 says:

    Please tell me the name of the song in the background?

  11. TheCreasybear13 says:

    God damm. i LoVe WiL

  12. crazyxfantasyx says:

    The one who can say to me which is the song of bottom???? pleaseeee

  13. sarahsperm666 says:

    omg were do i get the pics from wil is so frekin hot <3

  14. CRAZYCRASH84 says:

    He’s so hot
    Love your smile

  15. Panzerelch says:

    I was being funny. but he looks like a tool though

  16. sebzapata says:

    @Panzerelch How is he a douche, he’s an amazing guy.
    And no it’s not a cock, it’s a shark bomb

  17. Panzerelch says:

    what a douche… is that a cock tat on his neck?
    Unoriginal turd farmer…

  18. HardkoreMoMo says:

    wiL francis is my hero, but he’s quite silly as a model.

  19. bobarob10 says:


  20. Abbykiins says:

    Seems like hes been a little weird lately

  21. hamtarolover1011 says:

    ilove his crocked smile!

  22. sebzapata says:

    i know what you mean, when i met him i think he had recently split up with his fiancé. his wasn’t miserable, just seemed quiet, but he did hang around after the show and chat to people.
    he has a baby on the way soon so i think he will be back to his good old self again

  23. SammiexLovesxAiden says:

    I love his laugh :) And how he goes, “Better recognize!”

  24. XMCRaddictX1 says:

    he is gorgeous

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