A Day with Zombie Boy

A behind the scenes look at the fashion editorial we shot for the November issue of Inked Magazine featuring Rick Genest (AKA ZOMBIE BOY). He was gracious enough to spend some time talking a little bit about what it’s like to be him and what he’s been up to lately. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Michael Hurley for Inked Magazine Additional Direction by Valentina Ramos Featured Music by: Trent Reznor & Attitcus Ross Ray Noble & His Orchestra
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to A Day with Zombie Boy

  1. hypnoticsneezedoll says:

    Those lines going downward on his mouth are gonna make him look twice as old as he is. When he is 40 he will regret it.

  2. FutureDoesntNeedU says:

    that little look he does at 4:08 is so cute

  3. bubsisbetter says:

    I love the contrast between the two top comments.

  4. tyler2wwe619 says:

    xD he looks like pitbull

  5. 96Valerie says:

    he sounds sad and i wanna rape him

  6. SillyRamaBubbles says:

    His eyes…and voice…*melts*

  7. Speedosify says:

    is his dick tattooed

  8. LetsDancee2 says:

    a worm, really ?
    that’s gross as shit.

  9. TNTBlowinUp says:

    @6U355WH094 Yeah I see what you mean now… lol Something about the way he looks off makes me wonder about his true identity and who he really is lmao but he’s freakin awesome nonetheless.

  10. LeahRawrzzz says:

    I would love to meet him.. He seems like the chillest guy in the world.

  11. rahrahritaa says:

    wow.. that tattoo artist is amazing.
    what the fuck?!!! ew!! worms D:

  12. immadogluva says:

    oh you sexy beast ;)

  13. LoverDollLinz says:

    I like the hat.

  14. BigDog91527 says:

    he should team up with the Lizard man

  15. jokerinthepack1986 says:

    just a question bro, i love the tattoos and they look amazing, but can you still grow hair on your head and face?

  16. MakeupDownUnder says:

    Omg, the worms! He’s sexy but the worms were creepy 0_0

  17. 7NonoGirl7 says:

    his eyes and smile look so pretty and nice..

  18. Devinder52 says:

    eww he eats worms!

  19. 6U355WH094 says:

    @NeroBaelside13 Just because he’s doing what he loves and is being who he is doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a past. It also doesn’t necessarily mean he’s happier than most people. It’s not because he’s extremely different that made me get the impression I got, it’s just something in his face and the way he talks, which would have given me the same impression whether he was covered in tattoos or not.

  20. XZZZoom says:

    maybe hes just shy..

  21. dembonez19 says:

    Makeup people must have a blast with him during photoshoots.

  22. NeroBaelside13 says:

    Just because a person is extremely different from what you’re used to doesn’t mean he’s broken. In fact, I believe he’s happier than most people. He does what he loves. he’s intelligent and not afraid to be who he is.

  23. gamertipsvideos says:

    he looks so sad and sounds like it

  24. rawr1800 says:

    He is just so perfect.

  25. 123wazzzza says:

    You are one of the sexiest Men alive!! No joke, look at him!! I love a man who’s not afraid to do what he wants, who doesn’t??? Amazing AMAZING bone structure!! Actual bone structure. Pretty into Anthropology (independent study) and HIS is beautiful!! Perfect jawline, brow line, and it’s perfect because it’s not…ahhh love it!! Love the song as well.. I love that you did a dermablend add. I use that for mine too. I work in the medical field. Hope to catch a show soon. ;)

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