A Day with Zombie Boy

A behind the scenes look at the fashion editorial we shot for the November issue of Inked Magazine featuring Rick Genest (AKA ZOMBIE BOY). He was gracious enough to spend some time talking a little bit about what it’s like to be him and what he’s been up to lately.

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19 Responses to A Day with Zombie Boy

  1. TheCalikiddd says:

    This dudes so Gnarly. Not just just the tats . Its the fact that his personality and the way he carries himself with a humble demeanor that makes you look completely past the physical into the actual man. Mad respect

  2. Keirosuke says:

    my face throughout vid *_* my face at end when he sucked the worm 0_o

  3. sarabower1 says:

    @Lee29able yeah its me

  4. TakeAChance1408 says:

    @nosequechuchasponer do you mean APOCALYPSE? lol…

  5. Lee29able says:

    Does he have a girlfriend?

  6. JamaicanRain says:

    @LoverDollLinz Haha, 4:14, you can tell that he COULD be thinner, but you gotta be fuckin’ kidding me if you say he’s overweight people!

  7. nosequechuchasponer says:

    APOCALIPSIS , the end is near

  8. nosequechuchasponer says:

    APOCALIPSIS , the end is near

  9. nosequechuchasponer says:

    APOCALIPSIS , the end is near

  10. nosequechuchasponer says:


  11. LoverDollLinz says:

    @lowereastsidericky what beer belly?

  12. iAmTheQuam says:

    i can safely say that i am in love with you lol

  13. cvunit says:

    @Emmentropy wait, WTF?

  14. Emmentropy says:

    I think that’s the first time I ever wished I was a worm.

  15. superphil92 says:

    Hes gonna die by getting shot, hes gojnna be like HELP I GOT SHOT IN THE CHEST! And than the random person will be like OH please we all know thats a tattoo

  16. lowereastsidericky says:

    He is actually really cute if you look at him deeply, even though he has a bit of a beer belly but I would love to meet him one day and take a picture

  17. suzcruzlady says:

    There is something about you that has me in a spell. What ever it is your doing don’t stop.

  18. soullify3 says:

    awww you are so fucking cute as H0T ! <3

  19. GigiBieberForeva says:

    You are hot and…umm…idk u r awesomee(:

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