01 Tattoo’d Lady

The fairground life-style had appealed to Rory since childhood and lyricall, he draws parallels between the travelling entertainers and his own profession.

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25 Responses to 01 Tattoo’d Lady

  1. antuansplash2 says:

    Μαζέυω το σαγόνι μου απο το πάτωμα

  2. DerGlaetze says:

    If all the guitar players had their “glitz” torn from their bodies and only a guitar, jeans and a T shirt left, Rory would shine like the Hope Diamond above all the rest. It’s all about the GUITAR.
    Rory’s vocals were also impeccable.

  3. cwejter says:

    Thanks for the whole Tattoo album ;)
    peace m/

  4. nik0707 says:

    ελα τωρα…δε με νοιαζει μη σε νοιαζει – που λεει και ενας φιλος πιο πανω.Βασικα οι 667 ειναι οι δημιουργοι του ρεμιξ αλα τεσπα

  5. Luckzzz says:

    I was feeling really ANGRY and had a discussion with my girlfriend.. After listen this entire cd I’m able to reconsider anything.. I’m feeling fucking BETTER. Blues can really peace my soul.. Fuck the bad feelings.. Just throw in the trash and re-start.

  6. TheoGallagher says:

    Cavity Margaritiiiiiiiiiiiii

  7. Fiera901 says:

    δε με νοιάζει, μη σε νοιάζει. . . . .

  8. superKOEImania says:

    Που κολαει ο μαργαριτης? :P

  9. nasLB says:

    aaa re egale Rory perpataw sto Bethnal sto Londino se akouw kai trelainomai re pousth… Ante kai eimai million miles away from my Tatto’d Lady <3

  10. noelwalshtiling says:

    there is always one fucker that dislikes music thats way above his IQ

  11. TheKonstantinLevin says:

    did u hear stevie ray play guys??

  12. sammymilan1 says:

    We play this song at the jam part of my drum lessons!

  13. paraleverearl says:

    What is BEST anyway? They all bless my ears and to me that’s the bottom line.

  14. porock21gr says:

    I love them all too and they were all unique own way as every guitarist is!But the truth is slash is the least unique out of the 4 of them!He certainly has the most unique hair though and I’m proud to say I have the same hair myself! :P

  15. PANAFRANT says:


  16. protogonos73 says:


  17. xAMANOx says:

    such a brilliant tune

  18. soad4everzahanan says:


  19. APOdeeppurple says:

    o gallagher einai o theos tou theou!!!!!!!

  20. stickypool says:

    I’d agree with 3 on your list, I’d probably substitute Vaughan for Clapton.

  21. Audiodiver says:

    κουφάλα Δετσικα να λες .. (667)

  22. akv5175 says:

    2.Duane Allman
    3.Rory Gallagher
    4.Stevie Ray Vaughan
    IN MY OPINION!….There is no best tho. That’s just my favorite in order.

  23. chromeheart65 says:

    no stevie ray ,he took it to another level

  24. gbeau61 says:

    no doubt one of the leads I ve ever heard!

  25. siksa86 says:

    Gallagher, my master!!! ♥

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